Thursday, 15 May 2014

Recipes To Treat Acne

If you suffer from acne, do not know the reasons for his appearance and how to eliminate it, it is a disease that affects the skin in adulthood, may continue to advanced stages, and known since ancient times, and then therapists result of infections in the glands under the skin, has been used several recipes for the treatment this medication, including the use of honey bees , and vegetable oil, and mussels desert after grinding in equal parts, but found that these paints disproportion difficult cases, but just stating simple cases, they might cause the closure of pores and channels own facial skin, augment the situation worse.

Just that talk therapy herbs depends on the theory says that the skin mirror of the abdomen, blood, and this theory is based on the need to purify the blood of foreign objects that are stuck doing, as well as the digestion is full of food may cause an increase in hormones and displays the body to infection with some microbes such that result, and black spots that grow darker color whenever exposed to sunlight, and increasing the proportion of salts in the body may cause the appearance of many skin problems and on top of acne.

Suggests, to some recipes that will help in the eradication of this disease and the recipe is for the initial cleaning procedure of the belly is made up of herbs chamomile 100 grams and 100 grams coriander seed and 50 grams Romans peel and anise and cumin 50 grams and the circuit ground 30 grams, and grind these herbs are well-placed ones teaspoon to a cup of boiling water and analyzing honey, and liquidates and drink daily before breakfast and dinner for 20 days, and then massage the skin with honey pure to remove stains Place cereal. recipe and the second for the treatment of acne consists of honey + starch + wheat germ + vinegar in equal parts, and used as a mask to clean skin.
Has been possible to treat eczema old, as skin disease happens blisters and peels and some liquid substances secreted or sticky cause some pain.

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