Monday, 28 April 2014

Life and Public Health Disease In Women

Diabetes affects a direct effect on sexual function in both sexes. When mentioned, this can lead to impotence disease completely; it can also lead to varying degrees in the weakening of the power of an erection. When the female, causing diabetes inflammatory vaginal and skin diseases accompanied by itching severe in the vagina, making intercourse unbearable due to friction .

On the other hand, showed a recent study, the diabetes would lead to the inability of women infected to reach orgasm, have shown in this study that 35% of women with diabetes, who are aged between 18 and 40 years old, suffered from a deficit of full in achieving orgasm, and a section of them did not achieve their any progress in the field of Despite extensive treatment, which had undergone her. Thyroid disorder and its impact on sexual function There is no doubt that there are cases of sexual weakness caused by the weakness of the thyroid gland, and is accompanied by weakness in the secretion of the gonads because of the low frequency of sexual brain irritants.
There are studies and statistics show that the treatment of the thyroid gland and the correct status would boost women's sexual activity again. But if the woman, before treatment, did not reach the jerk one nationality, they will revert to reach the orgasm. Then that the treatment of thyroid also lead to activate the pituitary gland located under the brain, which is reflected by the weakness of the thyroid gland. Sexual activity in women infected with heart disease Although there are no only studies little about the energy that puts man in various stages of sexual activity, but that there are facts and figures suggest that sex at the heart patients should not do anything except power moderate, because the heart in these patients could reach 120 beats a minute in the case of stress.
 Either in normal times, the number of heart rate back down to the 72 strike sexual energy that are being made through the sexual equivalent relatively energy expended during running or climbing stairs rapidly, and this, of course, hurts the heart of the patient, then the sexual activity sometimes accompanied by psychological and neurological emotions and situations of anxiety and fear, joy and ecstasy are not compatible with and

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