Thursday, 15 May 2014

Circuit Training - Intensity for results

Circuit training: equipment, exercise, alerts The time required for each circuit: 15 minutes Equipment: a threshold / box, height 15-20cm and a pair of dumbbells Exercises: push overhead dumbbell, dumbbell curls, pushups with dumbbells in hands, squats Place: at home, at the gym, outdoors Number of Circuit in training: 3 (you start with 1 or 2, and with time can reach up to 4-5) Circuit training: how to proceed? A complete circuit takes about 15 minutes and consists of the 4 exercises with weights + cardio element. The weights should be chosen so that you can do 10-12 reps.
Weight varies from person to person and change over time, as increased muscle mass and strength. Do not worry that your muscles will increase so much that it becomes unsightly is not the case. Circuits can be done virtually anywhere, it is important to be enough room. It is good to observe time, even if at first you'll find it difficult, because the only way you will get the required intensity. If this is the first time you do sports or been a long time since the last anternament indicated is to perform a medical examination beforehand.

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