Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cellulite From The inside Before The Outside

Cellulite or lines of white problem disturbs a lot of the ladies, and the causes of cellulite are many overweight significantly, pregnancy, childbirth, an increase of salts in the body, leading to the imprisonment of the amount of excess water under the skin and other reasons other and asking many beauty experts in the field of Beauty skin and found that there is a solution to indoor and outdoor, and the outside is to use creams, anti-cellulite that contain vitamin e and aloe plant, a high-impact only from outside, she cannot reach the layers of inner skin,
 but given the aesthetic appeal of the outside of the can you can wear what you wish without shame. This shape the outside, but if you do you respond to fight cellulite from the inside it must deal with a large amount of fruits and Alkhaddrorat own "apples, beans, oranges, lettuce, parsley," They are the foods rich in vitamins on the one hand, and speed up the digestion process on the other hand, This is in addition to water, it is considered one of the most important means to fight Alsylwit must drink the amount of not less than one liter and a half of water a day, and favorite beverage also contains green tea, which helps to burn fat in general, must also be minimized as much as possible the intake of salt because it helps for water storage under the skin, do not forget that it is necessary to exercise at least three times a week and walking the least, and finally avoid the stress and strain because it does not make you feel the amount of food that you eat.

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